Rancher keeps restarting


yesterday I tired to set up lets encrypt on my rancher setup following this tutorial: Rancher 2 and Letsencrypt - 2stacks.net

Got some back and forth with some misconfigurations, and got two namespaces wiht one instance each running. Then rancher started restarting out of the blue and keep srestarting every 1.5 Minutes or so.

The last log entries from the container are:

I had to uplaod the outptu as an image because my post my not contains more than 2 hyperlinks … (?).

I replaced client with <{client-name}>

I think the error are the $F(MISSING) parts but i have no idea how to resolve this.

If any additional information is needed, please let me know.

Can anyone please help me?

Best regards,

How are you running Rancher? Single node install using docker run? What are the specifications of the machine(s) you are running it on (Rancher and the cluster nodes)? And what specific versions are you using (Rancher and Kubernetes version)?