Rancher server 1.4.1 keep restarting

Hi all,
I’m maintaining a website for our lab. The web is built inside one of the containers in a VM A hosted by VMWare ESXi 5.5.
Recently, the web became inaccessible. And I found that the rancher storage-nfs plugin is missing. Which leads to fail to mount the volume in nfs and I guess this is the reason result in the web crash.
So I’m trying to troubleshoot this, and found that my rancher server (container in VM B) keeps restarting every 5-10 minutes.
However, after trying to look into:

  • docker logs <container_id>
  • docker exec -it <container_id> sh -c “cat /var/lib/cattle/logs/cattle-debug.log”
  • docker exec -it <container_id> sh -c “cat /var/lib/cattle/logs/cattle-error.log”

I’m still troubling to find the problem. Therefore, I’m hoping to get some veteran insights and tips to help me troubleshooting this issue.
Thanks a lot!