Rancher Loadbalancer for workloads best practices

Hi Team,

I have some questions regarding loadbalancing.

Everytime i create a deployment i need to specify the service type loadbalancer?
I always need loadbalancer for my apps. I need to have one load balancer for each deployment? How can i reuse loadbalancer service?
I´m using metallb and i have a limited range of ips.

Thanks in advance

Hi !
What I do :

  • My apps are not using service with type loadbalancer
  • I use some Ingress for my apps
  • I have configured my NGinx Ingress Controler to use a service of type Loadbalancer

Every Ingress share the same loadbalancer, manager by the ingress controler.

But, it works only for HTTP, apps that can be handled by an Ingress…

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Thank you @gmocellin!!!
Your apps only need to run as ClusterIp?
How you will handle it to run with https?

Yes, the apps’ service does not need a specific config, ClusterIP is fine.
The Ingress plays the role of reverse proxy.
With Nginx Ingress controler, it’s really a virtual serveur config for the DNS name, using a certificate for that name (given at ingress creation), and proxying to the service clusterIP.

Hi @gmocellin

What if i need to have another nginx ingress controller.
Is it possible?
I just installed nginx and was automaticaly assigned external ip.

I don’t see why you would need several Ingress controller. Only one is sufficient for several apps, each having their own Ingress (not controller).

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