Rancher Loadblanacer for external services

Does anyone know if it is possible to use the built in loadblancer in Rancher to balance services that are not managed by the Rancher server?

I need to set up a lb that can handle by Rancher HA setup. I have set up a “parent” Rancher Server to handle the databases for the HA Servers. I was thinking I could set up a stack with a rancher LB service, run this on a couple of lb hosts managed by my “Rancher Parent” - and have this point to my backend Rancher servers.

The reason I need this is because we cannot use something like AWS EBS, as all of the servers we will be using are not hosted there.

I could just add HAProxy or a set of containers manually to the lb hosts - but it would be nicer to have it managed by Rancher as well.

Comments and ideas are welcome… .