Set up Rancher-HA & SSL using Rancher itself?

I’d like to convert my single Rancher server to a 3-node cluster fronted by NGINX for SSL, and using the Rancher Loadbalancer to distribute requests across the servers. We run our own hardware and manage VMs with VMware.

I’ve already set up my single Rancher server to use an external database. My other questions are:

  • Can I use the Rancher GUI itself to set up NGINX on my Rancher Server nodes?
  • Can I use the Rancher built-in Loadbalancer to distribute load across the 3 Rancher Server nodes?

I’d prefer not to use an external services for this, as it seems that Rancher provides all the tools I need.

Thank you for your help,

-= Stefan

Similar to Why not support a docker-compose file with a configured mysql image to run rancher server? , possible but not really a good idea. There’s a bootstrapping problem of having hosts be active and healthy for containers to be started on them when the hosts can’t talk to the API to be healthy through the balancer until they’re already running.