Rancher-monitoring grafana ingress issue

I’m using Rancher v2.5.5, using rancher-monitoring v9.4.202. I’m trying to get an ingress into my cluster so that I can access domain/grafana. When I configured grafana.ini and set up the ingress, I’ve found that I can get to domain/grafana , however some links end up routing to https://example/grafana/grafana/[rest_of_url] .

I found this stackoverflow page stating that this is a known issue specific to Rancher:

I am unable to find anything on the web (or this forum) about the issue other than that post. Is there any workaround or has there been a fix for this since that was posted in April, 2021?


Gonna try bumping this, since it was posted late on a friday and didn’t get ‘approved’ until the weekend.

Anybody have luck getting to the rancher grafana instance without logging into rancher first?