Installing HA Rancher on top of a K3S cluster

The HA installation guide says:

"The Rancher management server can only be run on an RKE-managed Kubernetes cluster. "

Is this still true given the high speed of development on K3S?

Is it possible to use HA Rancher on top of a K3S cluster? Given the much-lower hw requirements of K3S, it would lower the running costs of Rancher instances for enthusiasts and smaller companies like me.

I assume, that on Hetzner, a 3-node CX11 cluster (1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD) would be enough for running a HA Rancher and that would cost only 7,5 EUR/mo.

Given the fact that Rancher is a non-workload-bearing component, it would be nice to have its cost lowered to more palatable levels.

“Possible”, yes, it basically works. “Supported”, no; it will be supported in Rancher 2.4.

@vincent Thanks, this is good news.

I am looking forward to the 2.4 release

Recently I saw a presentation from Rancher Team in a webinar where it is possible to import k3s running cluster (onto Raspberry Pi) inside an HA Rancher but it was running outside the k3s. Hope this help you.

@ffidelis Thx for your answer.
I am specifically looking for running Rancher HA on k3s.

@asoltesz you have tried the new v2.4 on k3s?
I have passed the last days trying to do it working with Let’s Encrypt cert without look on the ingress and certificate generation.
Any help?

I managed to get rancher v2.4.2 to work on a 3-node k3s cluster (in HA mode). I installed a stock-standard LetsEncrypt cert-manager first, then followed the helm chart instructions. Main trick was to adjust the to be traefik instead of nginx.

Maybe this helps?

Done, the trick on the ingress.class do the work.
Maybe we need to signal this as a bug?