Installing HA Rancher on top of a K3S cluster

The HA installation guide says:

"The Rancher management server can only be run on an RKE-managed Kubernetes cluster. "

Is this still true given the high speed of development on K3S?

Is it possible to use HA Rancher on top of a K3S cluster? Given the much-lower hw requirements of K3S, it would lower the running costs of Rancher instances for enthusiasts and smaller companies like me.

I assume, that on Hetzner, a 3-node CX11 cluster (1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD) would be enough for running a HA Rancher and that would cost only 7,5 EUR/mo.

Given the fact that Rancher is a non-workload-bearing component, it would be nice to have its cost lowered to more palatable levels.

“Possible”, yes, it basically works. “Supported”, no; it will be supported in Rancher 2.4.

@vincent Thanks, this is good news.

I am looking forward to the 2.4 release

Recently I saw a presentation from Rancher Team in a webinar where it is possible to import k3s running cluster (onto Raspberry Pi) inside an HA Rancher but it was running outside the k3s. Hope this help you.

@ffidelis Thx for your answer.
I am specifically looking for running Rancher HA on k3s.