Rancher Release - v0.40.0

Release v0.40.0


  • rancher/server:v0.40.0
  • rancher/agent:v0.8.2
  • rancher/agent-instance:v0.4.1

New Features

  • API/UI support for uploading docker-compose and rancher-compose YML files for creating new Stacks [#1865] - There are now optional parameters to upload both docker-compose and rancher-compose YML files to create a stack within the UI.
  • Admin Dashboard: Processes [#1734, #2167] - Created a new Admin dashboard page that will eventually show system information about Rancher (audit logs, events, system info and config, etc…). The first page released is the ability to view all the existing processes that are being executed by Rancher for troubleshooting. A Rancher process is a unit of work with its own state transitions against Rancher resources (i.e API call to create a container).
  • Generic Docker Machine UI support[#1170] - Rancher UI now exposes the remaining Docker Machine drivers that were previously available via API, but not exposed within the UI. This includes Azure, Openstack, VMware vCloud, VMware vSphere, VirtualBox, and Softlayer. Any non-cloud drivers such as VirtualBox will not work given that it requires it to be installed locally with Rancher, but can be used for testing purposes on a local Rancher install for development.
  • Support for user-specified Rancher managed IP[#2066] - Users can now specify io.rancher.container.requested_ip= to specify the IP they wish to use when launching a container within Rancher’s managed network. If the IP is already in use, Rancher will automatically assign a random IP from the 10.42.x.x/16 space.

Known Major Issues

  • Clone does not work for hosts added using the Generic option [#2226]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.39.0

  • Fixed an issue where editing an user will result in the user role to be of type “user” even if that user was previously of “admin” role [#2163]
  • Rancher will no longer allow you to upload certificates with duplicated names [#2042]
  • Rancher will now allow SSL certificates without a CN [#2018]
  • Fixed an issue where Rancher would result in an error when attempting to scale up or down a service while the service was still in a transitioning state [#1996]
  • Fixed an issue with clicking on an active load balancer in the UI throwing an error page [#2211]

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