Rancher Release - v0.35.0

Release v0.35.0


  • rancher/server:v0.35.0
  • rancher/agent:v0.8.1
  • rancher/agent-instance:v0.4.0

New Features

Known Major Issues

  • The label “io.rancher.container.hostname_override” used to override the existing hostname to one that is defined by a service will cause the containers to no longer be capable of being started if the generated hostname of <stack> + <service> + <num> exceeds 64 characters [#1934]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.34.0

  • Fixed UI display issue where the “Edit” dialog will not show proper info prior to clicking into the environment details first [1590]
  • Fixed an issue with LDAP where missing identities were not handled correctly [#1818]
  • Fixed an issue where the Proxy protocol used in conjunction with SSL was redirecting the HTTPS requests to HTTP [#1876]
  • Fixed an issue with Rancher where a Docker error occurred while executing a “docker inspect” would cause Rancher to spam container events indefinitely and cause the DB to fill up rapidly [#1884]
  • Changed the behavior of Rancher to now mark “deleted” containers as “deleted” within Rancher to keep them in sync. Previously, a “deleted” container would result in a “stopped” state within Rancher and caused confusion [#1815]

For the full release notes, please visit v0.35.0 Release Notes.