Rancher Release - v0.41.0

Release v0.41.0


New Features

  • Service Selector Support [#2239] - Rancher now supports the ability to create “selectors” in the form of labels within services for the following:
    • users can label containers when created and have them automatically join a service to leverage Rancher DNS for service discovery.
    • users can also label other services to have them automatically linked to a service to be discovered via DNS.
  • Rancher Compose Support for Interpolating Variables [#1271, #1868] - Rancher now supports the capability of interpolating variables defined in both compose and rancher yml files. This will allow the creation of more generic compose templates. Only Rancher Compose CLI is supported with UI supported soon.

Known Major Issues

  • Clone does not work for hosts added using the Generic option [#2226]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.40.0

  • Added the ability to grab the IP of the host when a container is launched with net:host from the metadata [#2189]
  • Fixed an issue where assigning an entire org to “read-only” would result in all users from that org to be in read-only mode even if they were explicitly set with normal read/write permissions [#2160]
  • Fixed an issue where the mysql bin logs were not rotating [#2136]
  • Fixed an issue where the login username was nowhere to be found when created from the local DB [#2130]
  • Fixed an issue where a read-only member of an environment can still download the machine config [#2061]
  • Fixed an issue where local DB auth does not work until the first host has been added [#2051]
  • Fixed an issue where users can still log into Rancher after they have been removed in a GitHub enabled mode [#2021]
  • Fixed an issue where cloning of LB Services was not possible if they were created from Rancher API [#1973]
  • Fixed an issue where health monitoring was not able to properly detect services if the monitoring agent was on the same host as the affected container [#1917]
  • Fixed returning proper error codes when accessing resources that the user does not have permissions for [#1127]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where the exporting of YML files resulted in the replacement of “expose” to “ports” [#2198]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where “pull” would ignore sidekicked services. [#2178]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where a local user account is created with an invalid API key [#2103]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where the build key is not discarded even if the image key is defined in local file when extending another template [#2117]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where the “restart: no” does not work [#2050]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where a service that is set with “global=true”, scale will no longer be generated [#1842]
  • rancher-compose: Fixed an issue where environments are not properly if they do not contain a value [#1759]

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