Rancher Release - v0.34.0

Release v0.34.0



New Features

  • Active Directory using LDAP support [#688] - In addition to GitHub, Rancher now supports Active Directory using LDAP as an Auth Provider (for user authentication) and Identity Search Provider (for Environment access management). Please read more about how to install Rancher server with LDAP enabled.
  • DNS support for containers on host network [#1669] - By using the label “io.rancher.container.dns=true” when launching any service under host networking mode (–net=host), Rancher will do the following:
    • Create a DNS entry for this service that can now be resolved by any other services linked to it.
    • All containers for this service can now access DNS entries for any other services it itself has links to.
  • Proxy protocol is now supported for Rancher Server [#1677] - Supporting the Proxy protocol will allow Rancher to sit behind any reverse proxy that supports this protocol such as Amazon ELB. A common use case is to have ELB terminate SSL traffic before hitting Rancher Server and is required since ELB does not support websockets with SSL enabled without the Proxy protocol.
  • Support Docker private registry for Rancher agents and system containers [#924] - Improved Rancher Server installation by allowing users to preconfigure the install with a private registry containing the Rancher agent and network images rather than having to always pull from the public DockerHub repo.

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v0.32.0

  • Fixed UI display issue where the “Edit” dialog will not show proper info prior to clicking into the environment details first [#1590]
  • Fixed UI to now be able to show the mounted volumes from another container using the volumes_from parameter [#1595]
  • Fixed an issue where a reboot of the Rancher Server would render the UI inaccessible [#1702]
  • Fixed an issue where the UI will no longer allow creating LB services with no specified ports [#1708]
  • Fixed issues where LB rules for TCP protocol will not work properly when adding L7 host routing rules [#1762, #1763]
  • Fixed an that would cause LB Services to be stuck in a “removing” state [#1769]
  • Fixed a database transaction deadlock when using external databases. [#1777]
  • Increased default timeout limit to 20 seconds for Rancher agents when attempting to “curl” the Rancher Server. This is to help improve connection in high latency environments. [#1790]
  • Support “default” networkMode in Docker v1.8 [#1791]
  • Fixed an issue where using Docker 1.8 would cause Rancher agents to show up in the UI [#1811]
  • Fixed an issue where the published ports are not being correctly set when using --net=bridge [#1847]

For the full release notes, please visit v0.34.0 Release Notes.

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