Rancher Release - v1.6.0

Release v1.6.0


Supported Docker Versions

Docker 1.10.3
Docker 1.12.3-1.12.6
Docker 1.13.1 (Not with Kubernetes)
Docker 17.03.0-ce (Not with Kubernetes)
Docker 17.03.0-ee (Not with Kubernetes)

Rancher Server Tags

Rancher server has 2 different tags. For each major release tag, we will provide documentation for the specific version.

  • rancher/server:latest tag will be our latest development builds. These builds will have been validated through our CI automation framework. These releases are not meant for deployment in production.
  • rancher/server:stable tag will be our latest stable release builds. This tag is the version that we recommend for production.

Please do not the releases with a rc{n} suffix. These rc builds are meant for the Rancher team to test out builds.

Beta - v1.6.0 - rancher/server:latest

Stable - v1.5.9 - rancher/server:stable


  • HAProxy support for loading SSL certs via a data volume [#7520] - Rancher now supports the ability to the configuration of a data volume into the HAProxy LB Service where SSL certs can be read from. This is an alternative method for uploading certs into HAProxy where the certs could be constantly changing or to support multiple cert configurations.
  • Support for multiple group based searching in LDAP/AD [#8157, #8122] - Rancher now supports the ability to configure LDAP to search users and groups via different search bases.
  • Rancher EBS volume support [#8295, #8618, #7599] - Rancher EBS volume is now GA. Rancher scheduling has been enhanced to be availability zone aware so containers can be moved into hosts that are within the same availability zones. EBS has also been enabled with support for additional options such as volumetype, ios, encrypted, ksmKeyId, and snapshotId.
  • Rancher Secrets support in Compose [#8016, #8025] - Rancher now supports being able to create secrets using compose files with Rancher CLI. Please note that this feature does not exist in the older rancher-compose CLI. All new features will only be developed on the new Rancher CLI tool.

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v1.5.9

  • Fixed an issue where k8s certs were stale and causing k8s addons such as Dashboard UI to fail to launch [#8613]
  • Rancher now supports k8s daemon sets on hosts dedicated to orchestration and etcd [#8397]
  • Fixed an issue where large labels on stateful sets would cause k8s would cause Rancher DB to throw exceptions [#8168]
  • Fixed an issue where Centos 7.3 networking was not working [#6111, #8496]
  • Rancher now supports the ability to have SELinux enabled hosts for cattle and k8s with some additional kernel modules [#8071]
  • Fixed an issue with LDAP/AD or OpenLDAP would no longer function if Rancher loses connection with the AD server [#8513, #8270]
  • Fixed an issue where alpine linux containers does not work with internal DNS on k8s [#8588]
  • Fixed an issue where services/containers are not properly failing over if all hosts become disconnected and new ones are added [#8416]
  • Fixed an issue where SSL certs in HAProxy were not being properly cleaned up [#8161]
  • Fixed an issue where custom LB backend configurations can corrupt the haproxy config if the backend does not have any servers available [#8424]
  • Rancher now supports self-signed certs for the Route53 external dns service [#8284]
  • Fixed an issue where a race condition during volume creation can cause it to fail. [#8357]
  • Fixed an issue where re-using the same volume name would cause services to fail to launch [#8607]
  • Fixed an issue where rancher-ebs volumes are not created as an empty volume [#8465]
  • Fixed an issue where hard anti-affinity rules are not being honored with sidekicks present [#8070]
  • Fixed an issue where the German language does not work for the delete modals in the UI [#8489, #8113]
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would not display the environment management UI if the Community and Rancher catalogs are disabled [#8461]
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would error when switching from the detail page of a lb service to a non-lb service [#8460]
  • Rancher now supports t2.large and t2.2xlarge in the aws add host screen [#8239]
  • Fixed an issue where a bad catalog URL would cause all catalogs to fail to display [#8030]
  • Fixed an issue where Rancher DNS does not properly randomized the list of IP assigned to it [#7990]
  • Rancher now supports Azure in Germany, China, and the US Government [#7964]
  • Fixed an issue where containers created via compose outside of Rancher does not show up as unmanaged containers in Rancher [#7941, #7916]
  • Fixed an issue where CPU/Memory resources are not freed up until the containers are purged [#7933]
  • Fixed an issue LDAP can fail due to a NullPointerException [#7824]
  • Fixed an issue where services could be stuck in “stopping” state while others could remain in “running” states when being removed [#7640]
  • Fixed an issue where you can change the scale of global services via the API [#7630]
  • Fixed an issue where jsession tokens are not being invalidated after they timeout or the user explicitly logs out [#7581]
  • Fixed an issue where upgrades of services would fail if you add a new scheduler rule to would force containers to be launched on a different host than original [#7380]
  • Fixed an issue where --pull does not pull the latest image from registry [#7209]
  • Fixed an issue where webproxy does not start if “edns0” or single-request-reopen" are present in resolv.conf [#6487]
  • Rancher now supports the disabling of Custom Host option in Add Host screen in the UI [#5124]

Rancher CLI Downloads

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