Rancher returns 502 Proxy Error

Running rancher behind Apache, and it’s configured by the recommended puppet module. I just upgraded rancher/server to 0.63.0 and the web now returns 502 Proxy Error.

I tried viewing the API links (/api/v1 and /v1) with the same result:

Rolling back to 0.59.0 did not resolve this for me, and the web still shows 502 Proxy Error.

I tried doing a local curl on port 8080 and curl gives Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

How can I go about debugging this?

On a hunch that the database upgrade did not go well for Rancher I booted up a new database from an old restoration. Pointing rancher to that backup made it work again.

I’m now very afraid to try to use a newer version of rancher/server container since I think it will break the DB again

There is a known DB upgrade issue in v0.63.0 that we discovered (if you have a large dataset).

Did you check rancher/server logs to see if you had a DB lock issue?


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