Rancher Server and UI question

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I have been looking over many different container orchestration platforms and it always seems that I am coming back to Rancher for one reason or another. I guess this is a good thing as it seems to get me closer to my project goals each time that I look deeper into what Rancher offers.

In some systems, I have found that they are composed of:

  1. A main Server, which often receives API calls and manages the nodes,
  2. The compute nodes which are managed by the server.
  3. possibly a web UI or remote CLI that makes API calls to the server which might be located on a different physical system than the main server.

This is a pretty good design and I am trying to determine if Rancher is setup in the same way as this would be a good format for my project in which I need the Web UI and/or CLI to be located on a separate physical system than the main server.

Can anyone please clarify, or point me to some information on the Rancher design so that I can see if this will work for the system that I am working out now?

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The UI is nothing but a few static HTML/CSS/JS files returned up by the server container. So it doesn’t really “live” separately, it’s all client-side.

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So then, it seems that there really is no way to extract out the web UI into a separate container and then use API calls from there to talk to the “server” independently, correct?

Maybe I need to investigate the CLI to see how this is done as well, but it is probably integrated into the server as well.


I’m not sure what the point of hosting static files for the UI outside of the server container would be, other than creating CORS headaches. You still need the API available to the client. Maybe if you describe what you’re trying to accomplish instead of how you think it should be done.

The CLI is also just an API client, and runs on your computer. So I don’t really see what you’re getting at.