Rancher server HA unable to set up master

I am setting up rancher server HA with external mysqlDB (non-clustered) and the setup works fine and all the required tables are created in the DB. However the cluster formation is stuck with status in one of the server as “Waiting to become master”. Below are the logs:



Can the two hosts reach other on the ip and ports specified in the cluster membership log line just a few lines above the “waiting to become master” line?

Yes, all are VM in the same subnet on Hyper-V and able to communicate to each other. It works fine if installed sequentially one 2 servers. Is there any such mandate to wait to add other server node till the first node configures mysql DB and schema for rancher?

Is that logs from all masters?

PFA the logs from both the nodes.
node2 : https://pastebin.com/n5d2CyWn
node1: https://pastebin.com/ukZGgUup

Let me rephrase: when I follow that link, I only see one log file.