Rancher shows Bad Gateway when Suse Firewall is active

Hi everybody,
I have a Rancher single Node on k3s running on opensuse 15.5. As long as the opensuse firewall is active I get on every URL (Rancher GUI or Nextcloud for example) the Error “Bad Gateway”. I opened every port in the firewall that is listed in the Port Requirements (Port Requirements | Rancher), but the Problem still exists. When i disable the firewall everything works fine.
Can anyone help me please?
My environment:
opensuse 15.5
Rancher v.2.8.1
kubernetes: v1.27.10+k3s1

Best Regards,

Does “single node k3s” means manual k3s installation + rancher via helm? or is it a docker install, then the web ui port that needs to be opened is the one that you mapped in your docker invocation ( the requirements page just mentions 443, but actually measn any port you did use for the mapping.

Hi, Rancher and k3s is not running in a Docker Container. I´ve made the Helm CLI Installation.


Ok, then you should see wich port is blocked in the firewall logs. And of course you need to make sure the firewall does not interfere with the iptables /netfilter rules k3s is installing.
See also Einstellung Firewall K3S - iptables-nft - vServer / Server / KVM-Server - netcup Kundenforum

Hi thank you for the link. Exactly that was the Problem because of firewalld in opensuse.