Receiving 502 and 504 Gateway errors After Rancher 2.0 install

I just completed an install of Rancher 2.0 on Ubuntu, with Rancher reporting everything successful. However, when I open a browser and navigate to one of the server’s IP addresses, I am receiveing a 502 and/or a 504 Gateway error.

I currently have 5 servers stood up for this environment, they are

k801 - Master, this is the server I installed Rancher on.
k802 - Node
k803 - Node
k804 - Node
nlb01 - Nginx server

I followed this guide to install Rancher

Unfortunately I’m having no luck figuring out why this is happening and am seeking help on how to further troubleshoot/resolve.

Hi @jay2k1

Did you ever managed to resolve this?

I am also experiencing the same error.