Rancher UI port redirection via FQDN

We started to use rancher with Catlle and it gives our dev /qa team great value in their use cases.
Rancher v1.1.3
Cattle v0.165.8.1
our build stack contains 2 nodes and lb (rancher lb HA Proxy ) and or web app .
we define custom hosts in the ui and set the FQDN via CATTLE_AGENT_IP=“some.host” upon host definition .
when we see the stack in the ui it shows the external port we exposed in the compose file but for some reason when pressing the port link of the service in the ui we are navigated via the ip name of the host and not the FQDN “some.host:port” we defined in CATTLE_AGENT_IP.
can this behavior be manipulated?
because to my opinion if someone defined the external ip/host name he would like to use it to navigate instead of the ip .