Rancher Release - v0.37.0

Release v0.37.0


  • rancher/server:v0.37.0
  • rancher/agent:v0.8.2
  • rancher/agent-instance:v0.4.0

New Features

  • Local DB Auth Support [#1687] - Rancher now supports local DB authentication without having the need to enable either Github or LDAP to support a multi-user environment. There is a new user management UI that appears when local auth is enabled to allow admins to manage user accounts.
  • Read-Only membership for environments [#2009] - Owners of environments can now limit access to resources by granting only read-only access to users per environment.
  • Docker Machine 0.4.1 Support [#1950] - Rancher has now been updated to support Docker Machine 0.4.1.

Known Major Issues

  • Balancer services cannot be configured with DSA private keys for SSL [#1980]
  • Rancher current does not support LDAP server that requires binding [#1952]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.35.0

  • Fixes various issues when creating services with restart-policy of “none” [#1935, #1752]
  • Fixed an issue where the SSL certification information was not generated properly when exporting the yml configs for those configured LB services [#1909]
  • Fixed various issues with deletion and updating SSL certs in a balancer service [#1966, #1965, #1943]
  • Fixed an issue where an user can scale a service to below 0 containers [#1707]
  • Fixed an issue where you are unable to save when editing any container details [#1932]
  • Fixed the ability to select “stickiness options” when the tcp protocol is selected in a balancer service [#1709]
  • Fixed various issues related to updating the IP or hostname of the Rancher management node [#1958, #1944, #1963]
  • Users can now set pid=Host via the Rancher UI when launching containers or services [#1951]
  • Setting memory limits on containers now work properly [#1319]
  • Fixed an issue when launching Rancher Server and seeing the error message “usermod: UID ‘0’ already exists” [#1972]

For the full release notes, please visit v0.37.0 Release Notes.