Rancher Using Wrong Cluster ID


i just did an upgrade of Rancher from 2.6.7 to 2.7.9 on K8S v1.26.4. I have an EKS cluster which was running and was already imported into the previous version. However, I completely uninstalled my rancher install, which was running on dedicated nodes, and re-installed it fresh. After importing the EKS cluster again, I am having 2 issues. Firstly, when accessing the graphana’s dashboard, the page first shows with 404, and then there is a link to go back, and that link has the id of the cluster in the previous rancher install. Clicking the link with the previous imported clusters id then actually works and takes you to the graphana dashboard.

Question is, since I completely uninstalled rancher, and deleted the instances it was running on, and reinstalled on new servers, how is it possible for the cluster id of the eks cluster which I had imported on that version of rancher to show up in the new install ?

Secondly, all users which are assigned to projects, are not able to see those projects/namespaces now. This was working perfectly fine in 2.6.7.

Any insights appreciated.

For the first part: Uninstalling Rancher and installing it back again would retain it’s old configuration is something which I have seen previously. I’m guessing this is because uninstalling Rancher does not remove the CRDs which were created as part of the installation.