RancherOS and VirtualBox 5: --synthcpu issue


I tried to install RancherOS via docker machine 0.3 (latest release) and it fails complaining about --synthcpu
During the online meetup today, the rancher/rancherOS team told me that this flag is no longer used in VB 5 and that the issue has been addressed in docker machine master.

I can confirm that this is the case, as I could build a RancherOS v0.3.3 VM via docker machine master: docker-machine version 0.4.0-dev (e054d06) as of this post.

Just thought I’d share the good news :slight_smile:


Hey bob,

Good news indeed. The more so, because VirtualBox 5 has fixed a very annoying bug: now running xhyve doesn’t crash OS X.

I confirm RancherOS v0.3.4-dev works fine with docker-machine v0.4.0-dev in VirtualBox 5

; Ivan