RancherOS doesn't boot on Raspberry PI 3 rainbow screen and green light flashes 7 times

RancherOS doesn’t boot on Raspberry PI 3 rainbow screen and the green light flashes 7 times

I have tried burning several recent versions in several different ways, including on Ater and the raspberry pi tool I downloaded on my Mac. I followed the exact procedure with the exact release found here:


I can burn a Raspian onto the microSD from the same machine, and that will be fine, but rancherOS does not boot up.

I sometimes see this kind of error when flashing SD cards for Raspberry PI with Etcher in Windows, executing Etcher without Administrative permissions. I’m sorry, can’t test writing iso with a Mac. Some checks that can help on troubleshooting:

  • As said, try with Etcher on Windows, running it as administrator
  • Check you are using proper Power Supply: sometimes people use smartphone charger. It is ok, only if it is capable to give at least 2,5 A
  • Use ssh remote connection instead of monitor

Please, let me know if it helped you on solving your issue.