RancherOS wont boot after adding a system-service?

I just added and enabled a nano container as a system-service, after attempting a reboot RancherOS hangs during the boot sequince. Boot hangs with the last entry on the screen being “ip_tables: © 2000-2006 Netfilter Core Team”

Im running RancherOS on bare metal as my only OS, like a “desktop” pc. I fallowed the RancherOS docs and saved the system service .yml file in /var/lib/rancher/conf/ but i fear some how this has currupted the boot sequence and bricked my whole install?

Any advice on recovering this install?

Does it eventually start or do you give up? When adding a system-service, during boot, it’ll take extra time as it downloads the new images.

Can you give me the yaml of your system-service that you enabled? I can try to reproduce. Also, what version of RancherOS are you using?