RancherOS ntp stuck in restarting

I have a cluster of 4 RancherOS instances running in VirtualBox. At first every worked great. However, when I turned off the VMs, and turned back on, all 4 instances have a system-container with name ntp from image rancher/os-ntp:v0.3.3 stuck in a restarting cycle.

At the moment, I cannot give you the log because I do not know how to access logs of a system-container. The error is something along the line: “Out of memory: kill service (java)”, which I saw in the VirtualBox display. The error message shows for every time this system-container restarts.

I have 1GB of RAM for each VM.

What version of RancherOS are you running? I’m not sure what the issue is, but knowing version will help as v0.3.3 and v0.4.0-rcX are very different.

It sounds like you’re running some version of v0.4.0-rcX, but want to confirm.

Hi Denise,

I was using RancherOS version v0.3.3.

Would you be willing to test out v0.4.0-rc11? We are most likely going to be making the official release from that tag. There is just 1 open item that might require changes, but I’d like to know if your issue was fixed.

The issue is actually fixed (as in the sense that I don’t run into it again) with 0.4.0-rc11 :slight_smile:

For 0.3.3, what I had to do was to remove and create a new rancher server. Adding more RAM to VM and restart does not help.