Restart Loop - Table cattle.instance doesn't exist

Hey all,

I’m launching Rancher (latest) using Vagrant (I’ve used 1.74 and 1.81) and VirtualBox (5.0.12). For reasons I won’t go into I’m writing in some changes to cloud-config to enable the Ubuntu console and rebooting, both via Vagrant provisioners.

When I do so, the server container restarts continuously with the logs showing the error: Table cattle.instance doesn’t exist.

I did have this working successfully a week or two ago but I’ve no idea what might have changed.

Note, using the standard repo Vagrantfile works just fine.

Any help gratefully appreciated. TIA

Did you end up finding a solution for this? I’m experiencing the same error under seemingly different circumstances.

In my case, I am running RancherOS (from ISO and persisting state to disk) with Rancher installed. Rancher runs as expected post-install until the server is restarted. When the server comes up after restart, the rancher/server container cycles every 10 or so seconds and review of the log states the same “Table cattle.instance doesn’t exist” error.

I’m afraid not, I gave up with Vagrant :frowning:

I have been unable to reproduce getting this restart loop. Whenever I restart my rancher server container, the container starts up fine.

I’ve tried with a RancherOS (from iso and persisting state to disk) with Rancher installed.