RancherOS Release - v0.8.1

Release v0.8.1

RancherOS v0.8.1 contains an (DCCP and IPv6 only) update for the Linux Kernel
CVE-2017-6074 http://seclists.org/oss-sec/2017/q1/471 , and these other fixes:


• Linux kernel 4.9.12 plus CVE patch
• Fix for using docker-machine and the Debian or Ubuntu console #1584
• Fix SELinux related failure when using apt in Debian console #1624
• Make shared mount available in persistent consoles #1615
• Fix for installing services via https #1607
• ISO based cloud config for Openstack #1614
• Always use System-Docker for the kernel headers service #1618 #1609
• Errant warning about cloud-config when upgrading #1610

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