RancherOS Release v0.9.2

Release v0.9.2

  • update to Linux 4.9.21
  • Docker 1.12.6 default, Docker-1.13.1 and Docker 17.03.1-ce, and Docker 17.04.0-ce available for testing

Bug fixes

  • small ipv4ll related change to network config
  • fix ros os upgrade --kexec when downgrading.
  • fix to remove DHCP lease IP addresses from eth devices that have DHCP: false in the cloud-config (may need the DHCP address to download the config)
  • fix ros os upgrade --kexec - alpine was missing kexec, imported a self built one
  • fixes for up and downgrading from and to 0.7 - but you still can’t downgrade using a persistent console

see https://github.com/rancher/os/milestone/24?closed=1 for the complete list.