RancherOS Release v1.1.0


  • Linux 4.9.45
  • Docker 17.03.2-ce LTS by default, 17.06.1-ce available
  • autodetect VMWare hypervisor and automatically enable open-vm-tools at boot.
    • Also enables xenhvm-vm-tools, kvm-vm-tools, hyperv-vm-tools and bhyve-vm-tools, but these services don’t exist yet.

See the RancherOS v1.1 documentation for more information.

Amazon AMIs

Please see our README to find our community AMIs.





Awesome to see support for open-vm-tools! better monitoring here we come :slight_smile:
A lot of awesome new features in this release :+1: Thanks team!

Thanks for the great release! Nice to see ROS is continously being refined.

My cluster OS of choice!

Great work on this guys!

Can you please add examples for storage containers, especially for mounting an lvm2 volume? I believe it was first announced in 0.4.0, but never documented. Thank you!