RancherOS Release - v.0.9.0

  • Linux Kernel 4.9.15
  • Docker 1.12.6 default, Docker-1.13.1 and Docker 17.03.0-ce available for testing

New Features

  • url, ec2 and packet cloud-init datasources fail faster on 404 / network issues (don’t wait for 5minute timeout)
  • network cloud-init metadata for aws, packet and digital ocean now should support more ethernet devices automatically
  • kernel cmdline (--append) removes anything after a -- from /proc/cmdline; so user-docker and system-docker containers don’t have automatic access to secrets you pass on the cmdline (use the EXRA_CMDLINE service file environment setting to pass it to specific containers)
  • installer and upgrade error cleanups

Raspberrypi changes

  • fixed serial console on rpi3
  • serial console is auto logged in by default

Core changes

  • coreos-cloudinit code has been brought into the rancher/os repo and is being refactored to suite RancherOS better