Re: So is the company HPE going forward? What about Novell now??

The wording at the start of this article seems to suggest that HPE will
loose its name to Micro Focus…

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Officially, Micro Focus bought HPE Software and the resultant entity
will go forward as Micro Focus. Well, it will be that way once all
the regulatory stuff happens which, given how long it took for the
TAG/MF merger to happen, might make it final around this time next year
(just a wild, uneducated guess).

When TAG merged with Micro Focus, planning teams were put in place
immediately and started making integration plans as soon as it was
announced. However, nothing could be officially started until all the
regulators were happy and the official go ahead was received. It
seems like that was about one year or so after the announcement. I’m
just assuming it will work similarly this time.

Kim - 9/12/2016 11:27:26 AM