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Now the only issue is that when we uninstall vmdp v1.3 the windows vm
broke. If we upgrade to vmdp 1.7 first we can do an uninstall. It does
not matter which vmdp version we use we always have atapi, disk and
error in teh event viewer.

The acpi errors can be fixed by changing “model=rtlxxx into type =
netfront” but the disk and atapi errors stay.
Novell has stated that vmdp 1.7 is the way to go and the disk and atapi
errors are informational only.[/color]
Good feedback on the update/uninstall gotcha Karel, thanks!

Glad to hear it was not an issue with the R2 on Xen itself… not to
dismiss the problem you ran into with a corrupt disk, but at least is
not a general issue to worry about.

Yes, the errors in the event viewer are normal as the VMDP drivers
switch over to the enhanced/para drivers while loading, should do no
harm though.
Having the vm’s nic set to netfront prevents Windows from initially
loading the Realtek driver and having to jump over, at least that seems
to be the logic to it.

Although not related to the issues you are seeing, it might be good to
know there is a known bug, bug 667744, with the current 1.7 VMDP in
combination with Windows 2008 R2 that sets the disk to unknown within
the Windows boot configuration data (bcd). It might have some other
effects, so you may want to check it out.


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