Realtek RTL8723 Wireless Card :(

Greetings Anyone and All…
Does anybody out there in SUSE land know how if it possible to get the driver for this card to work on SLED 11 SP2? Apparently this card is very new and unsupported at the present time but I have gotten a copy of the linux driver from Realtek. This card is on my laptop which I bought for uni and unfortunately the wifi is unusable at the moment. I got the wifi working on Ubuntu (a desperation installation) but the connection was so atrocious (no range and constant disconnections) that I have ended up forced to use Windows 7 (oh the shame) so that I can use the university wifi. Is there any hope or will I have to wait it out until this card is supported?

Is the driver you refer to having got from Realtek the one that they’re making available via Dropbox as referenced at, amongst other places, ?

Apparently you need to build the driver, which presumably you’ve managed to do on Ubuntu since you say you got it working. Where are you running in to problems trying to get it to work on SLED?

From the discussions I found it sounds like even when you get the driver working it doesn’t actually work very well. That Realtek are giving people who enquire a Dropbox link rather than offering it for download from their website surely says something about Realtek think of the driver’s quality. So your best bet is probably to buy a cheap USB wireless dongle to use until Realtek produce a driver they consider good enough to properly release.