Recommended upgrade path from 1.0.2 to 1.6.11 on AWS


Is there a somewhat painless path from 1.0.2 to 1.6.11? Can it be done in one step, or would I need to upgrade to 1.2 before attempting 1.6? Any pointers appreciated :).

Current 1.0.2 cluster is in AWS East region.

It “may” work but I would redeploy from scratch. That is far beyond what our QA tests upgrading on., 1.0.2 is a year and a half old.

In a situation like this I would strongly recommend that you stand up a new HA cluster and the associated environments. There is really too much potential for non-backwardly compatible change which will send you in a spiral of wasted effort only to arrive at the same place (re-instate from scratch). If you have automated provisioning (like many community members we use Terraform including the Rancher provider) then tearing-down and creating new infrastructure is only a matter of minutes. We have CISO policies that require us to cycle all of our estate very regularly so automation is key but of course YMMV. If you don’t have any automation here or your setup requires any significant manual intervention, now would be a great opportunity to address that. It feels good when you know your DR is a couple of minutes away.