Upgrade v1.1.4 to 1.6.x

Is there a preferred upgrade path from server 1.1.4 to a current version?
I remember that there were major changes with 1.2.x. So do I have to go with 1.2.x first or can I jump directly to 1.6?
My 1.1.4 installation uses internal db with external db volume mounted.
Or would the best way be to save compose files of all stacks, do a fresh install of 1.6.10 and recreate all stacks from compose files?
Thanks for your ideas on this.

If clean install and import compose files is a practical option for you, I would go that way.

You can update directly, but there is likely a lot of cruft that has accumulated in the DBin a year+, updating individual environments, etc.

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I just had an idea on another scenario.
I have a current Rancher Server running and serving other Environments. I could create a new Environment there and migrate my old 1.1.4 hosts over to the new environment.
Question here: do I just have to reissue the agent registration on this nodes or is it saver to stop all containers, remove /var/lib/rancher and do the new registration afterwards?

Any containers left on the host will be backpopulated and show up as new (still running) standalone containers, so you probably want to delete them all before re-registering.