Reconnect clusters

I installed Rancher 2.6.2 with Helm3 and used Lets Encrypt to handle the certificate (I thought it would be easier…)

The Certificate Manager did not update the certificate, so I had no access to Rancher at all. I tried all I could find (from google search) but was not able to make the cert update.

I then used Helm to change hostname and use a public cert we use for web services. Now I am able to access Rancher again, but all (except local) clusters are marked as disabled (grey).

Skærmbillede 2022-01-31 kl. 14.22.48

How do I reconnect my clusters (I cant find a solution, have search here and on google)?

Tried to add the cluster again, but got an error message that the cluster already exists.
Tried to remove the cluster from the list, but that deleted the cluster… ups.

Anyone have a clue or any hints how to activate the existing clusters?