Red Hat's new policy, an opportunity

For years I’ve prefered SUSE for better understand of “the enterprise”. Red Hat was always a follower and not a leader. Now, maybe that’s not as true today as say 10 years ago, but I’ll stick with my opinion on that.

Of course, IMHO, the reason why there aren’t AlmaLinux or Rocky or even Oracle offerings based around SUSE’s source repositories is because the access is a bit of a pain in the butt (feel free to prove me wrong on that, see Kiwi comment below).

But, right now, because Red Hat is damaging their reputation, there is an opportunity for SUSE to take the leader position with regards to easy access to FOSS. And while it might just be a veneer, if all of LEAP is identical to SLES (which may indeed be the case), there’s at least a mind share opportunity here to spread that message and produce a culture of SLES clones (and I know SUSE in the past had tools to aid with trademark removal, but would advertise and make that as easy as possible as well).

Maybe that answer is better Kiwi education, if all that can do the above and be used to produce those “clones”. And before the non-FOSS person jumps out and says “but our poor revenue will suffer”, IMHO, if successful, SUSE’s success will only sky rocket.

Again, what you want is the ability to change the narrative away from Red Hat and onto SUSE via a wondrous and maybe many, clone market. Just that updates have to work. So remember that as well. The clone maker needs to get SUSE source changes, build packages and distributed out and IMHO, in a SUSE sort of way (again, we’re selling SUSE and the SUSE way).

For software freedom’s sake, time to kick it into overdrive IMHO!!!