Registering a host on the same machine as the rancher server

Is it a best practice to register as a host the machine where the rancher server is installed?
Or would they be better on different machine?

as i known ,rancher 2.0 run ingress-nginx on each node ,this pod use port 80 and 443, 2.0 rancher server using 80 and 443 port now ,so it will conflict with each other if you use the default port

Personally I would suggest keeping your server nodes and application hosts separate. That way if the management server fails your applications will continue to run unaffected as well as paving the way for running in a HA configuration when that is released for v2.

Aside from slowdown the biggest problem you’ll find in running them on the same machine is that if you evacuate that host, it will shutdown rancher as well. A big pain as evacuating before reboot makes for a much cleaner experience.