Repo issue with Redhat servers on Suse Manager Server

Hi All,
I have set up a system with a couple of redhat servers which I am managing though Suse Manager.
I set up the repos following the Suse Guide ( and was able to sync without issue. I then registered all my servers and was able to patch them without issue.

When I went to sync the repo again I started encountering repo sync issues. I had a feeling this was due to the redhat server keys being invalid as they were now in Suse Manager. I removed one of the servers from Suse Manager and uploaded the new key from this server after registering it with RedHat and was able to sync the repo again.

So my question is is there any way to store keys on the Suse Manager server itself so I wont have to remove a server for its key every time I want to patch? Or anyway in which the Suse Manager Server can be register with red hat even?

Hello, I’m having similar issues (and I’m about to post in the Forum regarding mine).
No, I don’t think you’ll be able to register SUMA with RHN. The nice folks at Red Hat just aren’t going to allow that.
From what I can tell, to provide you with RedHat Channels, SUMA uses public repos anyway.
Also from what I can tell, keys changing in 3rd party repos is an issue that doesn’t seem to be addressable - at least not easily - in SUMA. There’s got to be some config buried somewhere, but I don’t know where. I’d open a ticket with support on this one.