Required Network Ports

I am a beginner and I am trying to configure SUSE Manager.

I am looking for a complete list of the ports to open from my SUSE Manager server.

My network colleagues have already allowed the following communications :
From my SUSE Manager server to
mirrorlist.centos. org, download.opensuse. org, scc.suse. com, updates.suse. com (ports 80 and 443).

While trying to refresh the product catalog from SUSE Customer Center in my SUSE Manager Web UI, I get the following errors :


In the logs, I can find a lot of connect errors. For example, for or com:443. I don’t understand why I get an error for because the flow is already allowed.

Connect to download.opensuse. org:80 [download.opensuse. org/, download.opensuse. org/2001:67c:2178:8:0:0:0:13] failed: Network is unreachable (connect failed)

Could you pease guide me ?

Thanks a lot.