Reset Rancher Pass

On a testing instance here I have misplaced the rancher password for the harvester install.

I can get to the admin page, and I can get to the same from our rancher cluster. I have physical access to the system.

Can I boot off the install iso as a recovery or something similar?


The password for the rancher user is set in /oem/90_custom.yaml. There’s instructions for changing the password in the documentation at Update Harvester Configuration After Installation | Harvester, but of course this only helps if you can log in in the first place :slight_smile:

Please try this:

  • Boot the installer ISO
  • When it’s up, hit CTRL-ALT-F2 and login to the installer’s shell as “rancher”, with password “rancher”.
  • Become root (sudo -u)
  • Find the OEM partition (try blkid /dev/sda[...] - you’re looking for the one with the “COS_OEM” label), then mount it, e.g. mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
  • Edit /mnt/90_custom.yaml and change the passwd: ... line to the new encrypted password you’d like to use. To generate that encrypted password in the first place, run openssl passwd -6.
  • Reboot back into Harvester and you should have the new password set.

Hope that helps.



Good morning Tim,

I’d just like to confirm that all worked for me, so thank you very much for that (and please excuse the late reply! )


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