Resize-fs service issue

i tried the rancheros 0.4.2 on my openstack today and enabled th resize-fs service.

It fails with this:
ERRO[0001] Failed Starting resizefs : API error (500): Cannot start container cdc848f04793dd6a3fe3e45cb3d402621b75f8da73157c205ac29a7d52ea6616: Error getting container cdc848f04793dd6a3fe3e45cb3d402621b75f8da73157c205ac29a7d52ea6616 from driver overlay: error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/system-docker/overlay/cdc848f04793dd6a3fe3e45cb3d402621b75f8da73157c205ac29a7d52ea6616/merged: no such file or directory

br hw

The resizefs service has been disabled for v0.4.2 as there were issues with it, but the resize-fs was only tested to work with Amazon AMIs.