RKE and network providers for ARM64

Hi all,
This is something we have been trying build from long time: hybrid infrastructure with hosts intel and arm64. We managed to do it using Kubernetes 1.18 and Flannel network provider (as suggested in the doc). We did it, but one host, that is not a bare metal, living in my home (with a router in the middle):

(see that it has an internal ip, this is why is not correctly reached)

So, in theory it works, but the arm64 node, which is living behind a home router gives a lot of problems:

  • you cannot open a shell
  • you cannot see logs
  • it is isolated from the rest of the cluster, so it does not see the other nodes/services.

Someone has experience maybe using other Network Provider as Weave? Other network providers would fix this networking issues between this isolated host?