RKE kernel requirements (CentOS)


The documented RKE kernel requirements include x_tables, xt_recent and xt_tcpudp

We are using a current version of Centos 7:

cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)

uname -r

lsmod does not include x_tables, xt_recent and xt_tcpudp

Are these required and if so then any suggestions on how to install them?



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Was able to load xt_recent.

Where do I find or how do I load x_tables and xt_tcpudp ?

Are they needed?

Please help.



I’m not an expert at all (i’m only sharing my experience)…I’ve used rke over recent minimal centos install to build an rancher ha cluster without any issue(without adding any kernel module)… is it possible that those kernel module was required over centos 6 only?


@Stonedge, thanks for the feedback, that has been my limited experience as well. I’m hoping the RKE experts weigh in on this and explain the requirements and how to fulfill them. Is CentOS not supported?

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It won’t show in lsmod if it’s builtin, you can try grep module_name /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/modules.builtin


@superseb thanks for that tidbit - would be useful documentation update

This is a very useful thread! Thank you! Nice suggestion @superseb. Saved me a lot more googling!

hey superseb…thanks for the command, i am able to locate two of the modules i.e. xt_tcpudp, x_tables but xt_recent module is not present. do u know how to get install this (xt_recent) module?