Rancher server on Centos 8.2

Hello together,
I am currently trying to install rancher server on a single node rke. I have centos 8.2 minimal installed. Unfortunately, there seem to not exist the. following kernel modules:

module nf_conntrack_ipv4 is not present
module nf_nat_ipv4 is not present
module nf_nat_masquerade_ipv4 is not present

Can someone tell me how I can install them? Or are they not needed anymore with centos 8.2? As centos appears on the compatibility list I am wondering if I realy need another kernel or add additional kernel modules.

and the following components are build into the kernel rather than as modules. I assume this will not be an issue?
module x_tables is not present
module xt_tcpudp is not present

Thanks for directions.

Best regards,

centos 8.2 uses nftables, but installation of docker seems to work without these modules