Rolling back service upgrade

Upgraded the container with new image, after playing around with it, I tried to rollback the image. It did everything, though the container still having new image not the old one as expected.
Here are the steps I did,

  1. click on upgrade
  2. waited for both containers ( one container each host) to up and ready.
  3. Checked new image is installed and new changes are working as expected.
  4. Once I done. Decided to roll back the changes.
  5. Expected old container image (without any changes) to come back to life. Though it didn’t happen.

As I missing something here…

Appreciate your help.

What is the name of your containers. I’ve found that if the names don’t change eg, always using my_image:latest, when doing the rollback it will always us the latest container since the other was overwritten.

If you use the same image tag (image:latest), the latest image will be pulled onto the host and therefore you lose your previous image on your host.

Rancher doesn’t maintain the different images with the same tag in upgrade scenarios. Rollback is used to maintain the different settings between service types, but we won’t be able to pull your previous image back.

Thanks denise and jwhitcraft. Now I know why it is not working. Trying to see how rollback actually work. So if I have a container say sell2013/nodejs:1.6, planning to upgrade to sell2013/nodejs:1.7. Question is if I would like to roll back in case build didn’t work as expected, would it go back to old version. I do see the old version is not purged when upgrade take place. Appreciate any help.

@Sell201374 Yes, if you have 2 different image tags, then it would be able to rollback to the old version.