Route53 Integration: How to update root domains?

I see the external dns service handles creating urls for services. Is it possible to also utilize this service for a root domain name? It’s not mentioned in the docs, so I’m guessing that’s not the intended purpose. If my the load balancer serving the root domain for my project is moved to another node, is there a way I can make sure my DNS is automatically updated to reflect the new IP address?

The intent of external-dns is that it manages a set of records with standardized naming in a single namespace (I.e., and that you would then use CNAME records to point things like to one of those names. This makes it easy to clean up old records and hard for a bug to mess up your main domain’s dns configuration.

For the apex domain ( you cannot (well, should not) use a CNAME… So route53 has an alternate kind of record which acts like an A record but gets its answer IPs from the name of another record like a CNAME. I forget what they call it (ALIAS?) But that’s what you want for an apex domain.

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Got it! Thanks for the explanation