Route53 module gets set up as "System" stack

Hi, I recently set up a new environment and added a host. I am setting up the Route53 module and the system is setting it up as a “System” stack. In 2 other environment the Route53 module is set up under the standard “Stacks” list and there is no “System” stack.


The Route53 should always run under a “System” stack. Currently, for any catalog item that has a category of “Rancher Services”, they will show up under the System stack. Are the Route53 instance from an older version of Rancher or an older catalog item? That could be the reason why they are showing up under regular “stacks” list.

We are looking to enhance the feature so you could make your own services go under “system” if you wanted to.

I honestly can’t remember what versions of Rancher, or the catalog item were when I set them up in the other environments, but they definitely are not under the “system” stacks.

Following up on this, I noticed that after I upgraded to Rancher v1.0.2, the route 53 stack is no longer under “system” and is now, again, under the general list of stacks.

Route53 should be in the “system” stack side. In the next release, we’l be changing the way system stacks are determined to allow users to move a custom stack to the system page.

Please let me know if you continue to see this issue with Route53 after the next stable release.

Denise, if i delete the route53 stack and re-create it, it is built correctly under the “system” stacks, so we know that works. but either upgrading the stack or upgrading Rancher cause something to change whereby the route53 stack is no longer associated with system stacks.

I was able to reproduce what you are talking about. I’ll put in a bug in Github, but will need to see what happens when we change how system stacks are displayed.

Here’s the bug I created:

Is this available for services launched using rancher-compose too ??

@kaos I’m not exactly sure what your question is, but are you looking to be able to mark your own system stacks?

@denise Yes, precisely. Thanks for the link to the github issue. Don’t remember what my search term was, coming up blank… :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the purpose of “system” stacks? :blush:

We introduced the concept of system stacks for catalog entries that Rancher had certified and wanted to remain in a different section so that users wouldn’t accidentally stop/delete them.

The community has indicated that they would like to be able to leverage that concept and apply it to their own stacks, which is the enhancement request.