Rpm versions in SLES 12 SP1


I have been searching but not been able to find a document listing versions of RPMs updated from SLES 12 to SLES 12 SP1. Does such a document exist? If not, does anyone know which version of libvirt is included in SP1?

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If you are involved in the SLES 12 SP1 beta, you can probably check there,
but otherwise we’ll likely need to wait for the release of SLES 12 SP1 to
see what will be in SLES 12 SP1 as, until then, it is potentially subject
to change.

For what it is worth, the version I see patched online is located at
https://download.suse.com/Download?buildid=1ZU01lisYrI~ and is
libvirt-1.2.5-21.1 so I would guess something that new, or newer, in SP1.

Good luck.

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Thank you

I actually have libvirt-1.2.5-25.4.x86_64.rpm on my SMT server for SLES 12 so I suppose it will be at least that version. I don’t have beta access to SP1 but thanks anyway for your answer.