Samba CIFS mount conflict

Hi everybody. It was pretty difficult for me to choose the Title, but I guess it’s the one that best suites this problem.

We discovered that for some shares the rights were set to Anonymous (login). I got the request to remove those rights. I added the line “user = *****”. I notified all employees, using Windows, that connection to the specific share has changed.

When I login to that share with those credentials and try to execute a files (.exe), everything goes fine. And I have some users, like me, that have no problem.

On other computers and for other users, when they login successfully to those shares, and try to execute a file (.exe) they get a message stating access denied.

On the Windows side and the Linux side, all users that tested have the same rights, including me.

In Suse, I added the user in question to samba, so I do not see where the problem is. User is recognized by smb:

PID Username Group Machine
15529 mamd users server1 (XX.XX.XX.XXX)
6374 mamd users server2 (XX.XX.XX.XXX)

To temporary solve the problem is to add guest access, but that brings me back to the same problem as initially: anyone can connect. Here is the content of the smb.conf file:

comment = directory for starting jobs
user = mamd
read only = no
writable = yes
guest ok = yes

Does anyone have any idea, why when logging from a Windows 7 desktop with the identical credentials, some can get in and execute any file and some others cannot and get “Access denied” as error message?

Hi gonman1,

just for good measure, what are the Linux permission settings for a not-working file? Are all users in a common group and does that group reflect in the file permissions?