Samba share not working for outside access

Trying to get samba share to work for outside access. Box is running SuSE11sp3 with samba share setup, NO DC or AD authentication setup for it. Want to use local root access and share needs to be writeable. Can browse and see the share locally on the box, but can’t access it from local windows box trying to use local root and password for it for login. Not sure what I am missing here.

Has the port been opened in your firewall (physical or software-based)?

Hi jlewter,

turn on logging in /etc/samba/smb.conf and check the resulting log file in /var/log/samba/smb.log - depending on the log level, you should get an idea what is happening.

You have not told us anything about how you set up the smb password back-end - might it be you simply missed to set up the mandatory user definitions for samba? IIRC, Samba will not just fall back to using /etc/passwd users…